My dear spiritual children, most cherished and beloved and friends of St. Nicholas,

Rejoice in the Lord always!

It is with great joy and gratitude in my heart that I welcome you to the 37th St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Festival, which is my sixth Festival in our community. I am glad to be with you.

As you know, the Festival affords us all the ideal opportunity to first and foremost express in concrete terms our love for God’s Holy church and the advancement of His Kingdom here on earth.

In addition it affords us all the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our beautiful and meaningful Greek culture and heritage, which is the cornerstone of Western civilization.
Festivals are supposed to be “festive”. That is, full of festivities, full of enjoyment, good food, dancing and entertainment.

Indeed, this is what we can expect at our Festival.

Let us, therefore, as we labor arduously together for its success, have a lot of fun together as on family, the family of St. Nicholas.

Let us rejoice in the hope that this year’s Festival will out rank all of our past Festivals and that it will exceed all of our expectation.

Knowing how much you love our St. Nicholas Parish, I know that you will all do your best to make it happen.

On behalf of the Festival Committee, the President and members of the St. Nicholas Parish Council I thank first and foremost, our guests and friends of our Parish, who have greatly supported our effort through their presence and contribution. May god reward their invaluable generosity many times over with continued health, life and happiness.

My dear parishioners and friends permit me to extend to you my most sincere congratulations for a job well done, a mission accomplished.

Indeed, all of you today have reason to be humbly proud for what you are doing for the good of the St. Nicholas Parish.


Fr. Constantine
Constantine Xanthakis